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40 innovative business ideas with no investment to 1 Crore

In this period one can hardly fulfill one’s need due to inflation. Inflation impacted all basic sectors: food, housing, healthcare, education & others. The people who are involved in fixed income, can’t afford their basic needs. In this situation, many people want to open a home-oriented enterprise to lead a solvent  & luxurious life. They are searching for innovative business ideas that are out of the box and Exceptional. In this article, we introduce you to these types of ideas.

What is Business & innovative business ideas : 

Business is a kind of organization which is engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities, able to bring profit.

What do entrepreneurs need??

starting a enterprise, we need following requirements :

* Deep knowledge about selected idea

* Proper planning

* Required fund for running business

* Appropriate license from proper   authorities

innovative business ideas

Some Business ideas without any investment or low investment :

1. Online Freelancing : Content writing 

If you are skilled in writing, you should be a content writer. There are various kinds of websites like Elance,upwork etc. Skilled writers able to get handsome income.

2. Online Data entry:

Data entry is another good idea. One can take projects from various companies and delivery on time for money. A proper training is needed laughing at this idea.

 3.Upload Video on YouTube:3. Web Design, developing & coding:
It is an attractive business idea. If you want to start this business, you need to learn web designing, PHP, World Press etc. It helps you make qualitative websites.

There are many people who make videos and upload on Youtube for great profit.Firstly, you make interesting & qualified videos and secondly sign up and upload your video. Finley started earning.

 4.Tutoring Online :

In this time online tutoring has become popular teaching. An Expert tutor gets a handsome pay for his every session.

some business idea with low investment :

  • Sweets and savories business :

Homemade sweets and savories have a good market all over the world. You have to learn the procedure of making delicious sweets and savories. After this, you will try to create its market. If you succeed in creating a good market for your products, you will become a solvent businessman.

  • Breakfast Service :

Opening a breakfast and snacks service is a good business idea. It is a very profitable & cheap investable business. you can open it beside the market or office area to deliver delicious snacks.

  • Repairing Mobile Phone :

 A large number of people are using mobile phones. So it has a huge consumer. Related training is required for laughing this enterprise. You can sell mobile accessories such as eir phone, mobile cover,  phone charger, protecting phone screen, etc

  • Opening jewelry shop

jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets is a Mind-stricken for both female and male. They want creative designs and customized beadwork necklaces and bracelets.

The entrepreneur can buy necklaces and bracelets and other basic equipment needed  jewelry online from any well known e-retailer.  one can sell one’s creations at colleges, student gatherings, stores and door-to-door.

  • Open Paper bags enterprise

Building awareness about environment protection, a good number of retail stores avoid plastic  carry bags to customers anymore. However, you can make paper bags & sell them to retailers . You will need large quantities of scrap newspapers, scissors, glue and ropes.

  •  Homemade chocolates idea

Homemade chocolates have sky kissing popularity  in the market. Due its unique tastes and flavors do not contain any artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, it achieved this popularity . so homemade chocolates is a profitable business.

  • opening a stationery supply

different kinds of businesses, schools, and other establishments require customized stationery that bears their corporate identity and logo. There are many stationery items like letterheads, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books, and other assorted stuff. You can start this evergreen enterprise with low investment.

  • Herbal body & skincare products

Everybody knows about the benefits of herbs and oils for the body and skincare. There are some traditional, time-tested, and proven recipes for herbal skincare lotions, facial scrubs, shampoo, and other related stuff to embark on this business.

  • Circulating library

It is another home based business idea. A large number of people love to read popular books. You  can buy the most popular books and rent the bookworm out to subscribers with monthly subscriptions and fees.

Business Ideas with Rs 25,000 – Rs 50,000 investment

  • Tiffin service 

You can easily start the tiffin service for individuals and families to outsource their daily meals. You can get a lucrative profit from the meal delivery service with no risk.

The main investment for this business will be for cooking utensils, foodstuff, packaging material or steel meal boxes, and a bicycle or two-wheeler for delivery.

  • Fresh vegetable juice

In this time everybody becomes Health conscious. They want fresh vegetable juices made from cucumber, carrot, beetroot, celery, parsley, cilantro, capsicum, broccoli, and others. This enterprise generally works on a made-to-order and home delivery basis.

  • Herbal Juice

You can do this business of making juices from herbs, leaves, roots, and fruits that are known for curative and medicinal effects. Your juices sell at gyms, spas, jogger parks, and other public recreational areas. However, you have to serve them fresh.

  • Air-conditioner and refrigerator maintenance

Starting this business you need to take the training & buy the equipment required to maintain and repair air conditioners and refrigerators. A large number of air conditioners & refrigerators need repair & service frequently.

  • Furniture repairs

This business is fairly easy to set up. The main investment will be on equipment, varnishes, and other essentials for the trade. You need to Hire skilled craftsmen for repairing furniture and will help you embark on this venture.

Business Ideas with Rs 50,000 – Rs 500,000 investment

  • Mobile garage

If you have astute knowledge about car engines and electrical gear on board, you can launch a mobile garage.

With a reliable pre-owned car and tools needed for vehicle repairs, you can . Meaning, people whose vehicles develop technical snags and stall on roads can call you for repairs.

  • Vegan ice-creams

The popularity of vegan ice-creams is increasing day by day. People avoiding dairy based products, there is a huge demand for this ice cream made with coconut milk and soy milk.  You need a small and portable vegan smoothie maker and raw material. so you have to invest about Rs. 100000.

  • Aquarium and decorative fish

Now this day Selling aquarium equipment and decorative fish is a year-round business. People buy  Aquariums and fish for home and office decoration  and give them as gifts. You need good handling skills in this business idea.

  • Mushroom harvesting

Harvesting is a business for those who live in rural areas. You can start this business  to invest about Rs. 100,000. It requires a separate room, wooden crates and mushroom spores as well as water sprayers. You can get attractive incentives from this business.

  •  Pisciculture

Breeding and harvesting fish in  semi-urban and rural areas with investment of about Rs. 100,000. Freshwater fish such as ‘Rohu’, ‘Catfish’ and ‘Katla’ etc are bred in fish farms and sold for high profits.

  • Liquor delivery

Liquor home delivery is a growing business idea all over the world.  You can buy liquor dealers at wholesale rates, you can get a decent profit by selling at market prices plus delivery charges.

Business Ideas with Rs 10 Lacs to Rs 50 Lacs investments

  • Wallets and belt manufacture

As an essential dress accessory for men- with leather or synthetic material, you can make this. You need a small production unit,  machines and skilled manpower for this trade.

  • Fashion boutique

Garments are an essential product both man and woman.

fashion garments are now sold in semi-urban areas. customers prefer to buy fashion wear at boutiquesWallets and belt manufacturer

You can make wallets and belts- essential dress accessories for men- with leather or synthetic material. A small production unit with machines and skilled manpower is sufficient to enter this trade.

  • Fashion boutique

Fashion garments are now sold in both urban and rural areas. several customers prefer to buy fashion ware at boutiques. You need skilled manpower,  separate areas & showrooms for your products.

  • Beauty parlor

At present,  Beauty parlors get huge popularity both for men and women. you can launch at this business  With the proper equipment and skilled beauticians. You can get a huge profit from this trade.

  • Soda factory business

It has always a demand for brands of aerated water and carbonated flavored drinks in any Courtney. It is fairly easy to set up a soda factory. You need skilled power both producing and marketing to ensure success in this business idea.

  • Sports shop

It has sky kissing demand for sports items like cricket bats, hockey sticks, footballs, and sportswear.  You can get a large number of clients and make profits by providing them sports goods.

  • Start a Bakery business

Bakery is most popular among the different types of food items.

You can make bakery items like cookies, biscuits, cakes and pastries etc Professional manpower is needed for this trade.

  •  Detergents & washing powder

Detergent and washing powder has demand as well as clothes. The manufacturing companies that open to small scale industries, some of them now are national brands. if your products have good quality, it will ensure your success.

  • Opening a Toy factory

Toys are very attractive elements for children. You can make different kinds of toys for children. You can get success if you make toys that people can identify with ethnically.

  • Medical supplies

Manufacturing Medical equipment like masks, surgical gloves, cotton swabs and rolls, gauze, and medical plaster has high demand in any county. You need proper licensing form concerned authorities.

Business Ideas with Rs 50  Lacs to Rs 1 Crore investments

1- Travel agency

You have to need sufficient funds to pay for government registrations, registration with airlines, hotels and other travel service providers to launch this business. You can make a good profit from this business.

2- Local tour company business

Everybody likes to tour home and aboard. you have to buy buses to start your own local sightseeing tours and require good guides who brief travelers about the tour place. you must have a license for lounging this business idea.

3- Organic foods store

This business idea has  demanded very much.

Inherently, organic foods are expensive.  There is a growing market for organic fruits, vegetables as well as food grains and other produce.

You can open a suitable store offering organic foods. However, such stuff is highly perishable and requires proper storage infrastructure.

4- Car rentals

You have to buy several cars to start a rent-a-car company. Car rentals are popular among both native and foreign tourists as well as companies who wish to ferry their important clients, senior officials and business associates.

5- Food processing business idea

Due to proper processing, we lose huge amounts of fruits and vegetables every day. You can help curb this Causeless wastage by launching a food processing unit.

It involves freezing fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry, and meat products. Dehydrated fruit and vegetables also sell well in the market.

In conclusion you prepare a list of these ideas that you liked from the list and can shortlist 1-2 ideas that you can launch in the near future. You write through comment for any inquiry & we will try to give you a solution.




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