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How to Use the STAR Method Technique for Interview Questions

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Check out the STAR technique for an interview and ace the interview by answering questions using the star method.

Let’s see the STAR Method Example:

Let us take a model to describe the star methodology briefly. Suppose college newspaper has a downfall in the revenue of advertising and even the contracts which were in the long term bonded were also not renewing.

This is a situation which is assigned to a person, and he might give some ideas to solve this problem and have an increase in the revenue from last year.

The task has been assigned to generate a new idea for a particular situation from which a person might be giving a suggestion or opinion relevant to the situation.

For example, a new promotional packet must be designed compared to the previous year and set up a special training session with the business administrator professors who can teach the students about different strategies for selling the product.

The college will have more advertisers to promote the product to generate extra revenue than before.

Here when a new idea was given to the interview of setting up training sessions then, it came under the action, and the result of the idea of getting more contracts and revenue came under the result session.

How to Relate a Situation with STAR Methodology

To use the star methodology, here are some simple steps which must be followed.

Step 1: The first step is to find a similar example according to the situation that is asked. This step is used to make a frame of an answer to give a relevant answer according to the situation.

The situations or the questions are brainstormed, which must be answered with some logic and in a positive manner.

Step 2: The next step is to set the scene of a story in mind to have a clear picture of the situation from which you can judge the action that must be done by you and the goal which must be achieved at the end of the situation. After that, highlight the task that is given to you with the proper justification of the action or response to the particular task.

Step 3: In the end, it is your (interview attempter) responsibility to clarify the outcome of the action, which is a part of your discussion of the situation. You can also relate the action with any past scenario, and the suggestion can also be some past activities that are done by you at that time.



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