Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Carousel Colors Tie Dye

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Tulip® One Step Tie Dye Kits® create fun and easy tie dye projects. Use the Carousel colors kit when you want to enjoy a bright palette. Other tie dye kits require you to presoak fabrics and mix up dyes separately. With the One Step Tie Dye process, you’ll be able to easily create projects with vibrant, carousel-inspired color. Just add water to the dye bottles, shake to mix, and apply. Each Carousel Tulip® One Step Tie Dye Kit® includes: 5 Applicator bottles with dye powder, 8 Protective gloves, 40 Rubber bands (for creating patterns), and instructions. The Carousel tie dye kit includes dye powders in teal, royal blue, black, purple, and fuchsia. It dyes up to 30 projects.

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