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5 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books (Book Reviewer Jobs)

5 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books:

Reading books may be a fabulous hobby. In fact, almost every billionaire within the world including Gates , Oprah Winfrey, Peter F. Drucker and Mark Zuckerberg are all avid readers. They read dozens of books monthly .These billionaires attribute their success to the habit of reading. Unfortunately, the value of books and lack of your time prevent us from reading books. But what if you’ll read books and obtain purchased it too? Wouldn’t you create time and take the additional efforts to read books?

5 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books
            5 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books (Book Reviewer Jobs)

If this sounds interesting, here’re 20 excellent ways to urge paid to read books. Provided you’ve got the required qualifications, in fact to use for jobs book reviewer, editor or proofreader.

Qualifications to urge Paid to Read Books

The only thanks to get paid to read books is by working as reviewer, editor or proofreader. Without exception, the work is out there just for degree holders in English, Literature, Journalism and Fine Arts.

And that’s not enough: you’ll also require skills to write down critical appreciation, edit and proofread a book.

Because reviewing, editing or proofreading books may be a very serious business. Incorrect review can cause heavy losses to the author and publisher. An improperly proofread book might mean the printer has got to throw away all the copies and make fresh ones with correct spelling and punctuation.

That’s the rationale companies and organizations pay anything between $19 per hour to $200 per review for reading a book. Therefore, most organizations and publishers enforce very strict standards when it involves taking people to read books for pay.

It’s possible to figure fulltime and part-time or maybe freelance as book critique and reviewer, editor or proofreader.

If you meet these requirements, here’s an inventory of top 20 ways to urge paid to read books.

Top 20 Ways to urge Paid to Read Books

Before you apply for work that pays to read books, here’s something to recollect . A publisher could ask you to require a skills test.

And they’ll allow you to review books only in one genre like fiction, non-fiction, spirituality, children’s, educational et al. . Only in exceptional cases you would possibly get to form money by reading two different genres of books.

1. Book Reviewers for the Media

On average book critiques or book reviewers as they’re known, earn a median $63,000 per annum by working with top newspapers and media companies. Their sole job is providing weekly or maybe daily reviews of newly launched books.

New York Times is that the leading reviewer of books. In fact, the newspaper’s book reviews is one among the explanations why thousands of books emerge as bestsellers within the world. Book critiques are book reviewers within the media are highly paid.

2. Work as Librarian

Another superb thanks to get paid to read is by working as a librarian. This job definitely requires skills like a degree in Library Sciences. Of course, you’ll read books for free of charge while you’ve some free time at the library.

At an equivalent time, employers, publishers and booksellers also pay you to read, review and suggest whether the book should be kept at the library. this is often perfectly legit. That’s because authors and booksellers compete fiercely to urge their books at famous libraries, top colleges and universities.

3. Barnes & Noble Book Reviewers

Barnes & Noble prides itself because the world’s largest online bookstore, for one major reason. They publish tons of books on various genres from authors round the world. B&N operates at various locations within the US.

As a number one book publisher in America, B&N also hires professional critiques, reviewers, editors and other staff for reading their yet-to-be-launched or new publications. you’ll imagine the dimensions of Barnes & Noble’s business: at any point of your time , they need over 1,000,000 titles available online and offline.

4. Upwork & FlexJobs.com

You can get paid to read books as a freelancer, too. These jobs are generally available on freelancing portals like Upwork and FlexJobs.com, among others.

They’re available for skills including editing, proofreading, rewriting or maybe writing reviews. you would possibly also encounter work from certain authors that want superb reviews of their books on Amazon and other websites.

While Upwork charges a fee ranging between five percent and 20 percent from your income by reading books, FlexJobs.com charges a membership fee payable for monthly subscription. There’re other websites like Fiverr, Toptal.com and Freelancer where you’ll find work to urge purchased reading books.

5. Online Book Club

Online Book Club is an American organization that gives free also as economical services like book editing, proofreading and reviewing. many writers send their book manuscripts for reviews to Online Book Club, before they’re launched within the market or for public reading.

You can apply for book reviewer jobs on Online Book Club. And while expecting a paid review opportunity, it’s also possible to read several other books free, from your favorite genre. this is often a perfect forum for book lovers to read books awaiting publication and make suggestions if necessary.



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