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Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds, Noise Blocking, in-Ear Alarm, Soothing Sounds, Light and Comfortable, in-Ear Alarm Detection, Cloud White

Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds, Noise Blocking, in-Ear Alarm, Soothing Sounds, Light and Comfortable, in-Ear Alarm Detection, Cloud White. announced The Red Fleck Award winner Amazfit ZenBuds smart sleep earbuds with comfortable and noise- blocking in- observance design, soothing sounds and sleep monitoring starts crowdfunding on Indiegogo after making its name known by the world at CES 2020. By combining sleep aid and a competitive price point, Amazfit ZenBuds settlers smart wearable standard for reaching wholesomeness pretensions of health-conscious stoners.

LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE Amazfit Zenbuds are super feathery at only1.78 g per earbud, the skin-soft observance tips are so comfy that you’d fall asleep slightly feeling that they live.
NOISE- BLOCKING DESIGN AND SOOTHING SOUNDS The earbuds fit perfectly across your observance crest, effectively masking the outside noises as well as soothing you with natural sounds finagled to relax your mind and spark the sleep cycle. They automatically break playing once they descry that you ’ve fallen asleep.
SLEEP MONITORING The earbuds cover your heart rate, sleep positions, and the quality of your sleep each night, helping you form healthy sleeping habits.
Fit Right, Sleep Tight– Amazfit ZenBuds is a Perfect Sleep and Relax Companion.

Presently, further and further people suffer from sleep problems. Designed for health contenders, Amazfit ZenBuds are the comforting mate for the office, bedroom and for when you need some’me time’ down from the world. Amazfit ZenBuds introduce the audio experience with a noise- blocking in- observance design which fits snugly into cognizance with an ergonomic, sleep- abetting design that insulates you from outside noises, giving a peaceful night’s rest, or helping to relax and concentrate during day time.
As a sleep and relaxing aid, Amazfit ZenBuds is equipped with Knowles Balanced Architecture which guarantees the advanced quality acoustics. The Amazfit ZenBuds use a wide library of natural, sleep- converting sounds to produce soothing white noise that helps cancel out abstracting sounds. From washing burns to serene timbers, curated sounds spark the sleep cycle and make sure easy sleep.

After the Smart playback (3) is turned on, the soothing sounds can automatically break playing once you fall asleep.
Amazfit ZenBuds is designed to cover sleep, which can record your sleep positions, heart rate and the quality of sleep. You’ll wake up each morning and get perceptivity that can help you produce better habits.
Also coming with a breathing exercise, Amazfit ZenBuds is developed to help you relax and calm your mind after a busy day.
LONG- BATTERY LIFE A fully charged brace of Amazfit ZenBuds can last for 12 hours (3 hours music playback and sleep covering all night), and the charging case brings the total operation time to eight nights.
SMART Particular Adjunct The particular in- observance alarm wo n’t disturb anyone around you, the Pomodoro timer helps you meliorate your productivity, call adverts make sure you do n’t miss any important calls in the middle of your zen zone, and a breathing exercise is especially designed to ease your mind during a busy day.
Note- Only the sanctioned sounds handed in the”Music Library”in the App can be uploaded to the earbuds. -The volume of the earbuds needs to be controlled from the App.

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