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How to Appeal for YouTube Partnership Program( Part-1)

How to Appeal for YouTube Partnership Program:

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) qualifies video makers to earn money from their content upload on the channel. This via advertisements seen on their videos and from YouTube Premium subscribers who saw their videos. You can Appeal to join the YouTube Partner program directly from your separate account in the creator studio. On January 16, 2018, Google published new legal requirements for its YouTube Partner Program. Once a channel reaches 1,000 subscribers in the preceding 12 months and has a minimum of 4,000 watch hours, it is reviewed to join the program.

How to Appeal:

There are 2 possible ways for this.

First involves channels that have already been in the YouTube Partner Program, in which case the channel will directly be reassessed when it qualifies under the new terms. Channels owners also have the option of checking their monetization. Those whose channel is yet to reach entry into YPP require to understand the four steps mentioned in their Creator Studio account. Once the channel gets the qualifying criteria, it will be reviewed to add.

1. How to Promote your YouTube videos

So far so good. Now here is the tricky part. Making sure your video has what it takes to permanent viewers is not “child’s play”. It requires a customized promotional technique and a lot of hard work. To begin with, you first require to make sure that your video is fully optimized in terms of updated SEO parameters. Ensure the use of enough keywords within your meta-narration and URL before uploading the video to your landing page. Once done, you are now sharing it on your social ID platforms to woo an audience. You can also use tools like paid for pre-roll ads (available on YouTube) hashtags, and post at the most convenient time to maximize the reach. You can also leverage to reach afforded by social media influencers, forums, and bloggers to garner more attraction and gain a wider audience.

2. Start Earning Money from YouTube?

Despite the different success stories, doubts still insist with regard to YouTube monetization and its earning potential for a regular YouTuber.

Many people appear distracted between –

How much money do YouTubers earn??  and….How much money YouTube Pay per view?

Well, there’s no way of entering any business if you don’t have an idea about its exact earning potential. Having said that no magic calculator could count the money which is earned through YouTube.At best one can only try to calculate how much YouTube will give you if you touch 1mn views through the YPP.

So here goes…

According to some calculations, A Pro-Youtuber can get money from YouTube at an average between USD 3-10 per 100 views – with both CPI and CPC advertisements. Ergo for 1mn views, the increased earnings from YouTube will be in the region of USD 3,000-10,000 per million views.

One of the easy and most exoteric ways to make money from your YouTube videos. just click on the monetization option for your YouTube account and link your channel with your Google AdSense Account. By doing so, you stand to earn as much as 55 % of the ad revenue your videos engender. Naturally, YouTube keeps the other 45 %. So at an average, you can make between USD2-3 per 1,000 views of your video. The cash you earn from YouTube can differ considerably – relying usually on your content material first-rate and your potential to market it effectively.

Like we cited in the past a pinnacle YouTuber like Pewdiepie is stated to make approx. USD4mn net earnings from his YouTube videos, whilst others like Michelle Chan earn cash from YouTube which is around- a cool USD 100k+, in accordance with Business Insider.

Other Ways to earn cash from YouTube

Luckily enough, YouTube’s income is no longer simply restrained to its CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression).In fact, there are 5 verified strategies the use of which one helps you earn cash from YouTube; a first-rate quantity of greater earnings over and above the cash you earn from the ads.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Big advertising companies are greater than inclined to pay proper cash to YouTube channels with a current fan base. This can be performed by way of linking one of their merchandise to your video description. For each and every conversion, it generates a respectable cut, which usually stages from INR 100-1,000. Thus, affiliate advertising and marketing is one of the best and excellent approaches to earn cash from YouTube.

2) Direct Promotion

In this case, the advertising and marketing agency offers you a constant rate to provoke a partnership with your channel. You have to exhibit a description of their merchandise (in your videos) and in return they fork out a constant amount, which can fluctuate from INR 5,000-upwards, relying on the attainment of your channel.

3) Paid Videos

Another exceptional way to make appropriate cash from YouTube is the place you share treasured facts with your audience, with the aid of placing a charge tag on the video itself. This way you get to maintain the whole lot that you make from each video you manipulate to sell.

4) Licensing Content

Got a video that has simply long gone viral? Well, you can earn cash from YouTube with the aid of licensing the content material to different companies. Mainstream media outfits are continually on the lookout for viral/trending movies that they can use on their more than a few media platforms.

5) Crowdsourcing

There are masses of non-profit websites out there (like Wikipedia), which share facts for free. But they do require cash to preserve their websites up and running. This is generated from the target market in the structure of donations. You can additionally provoke a comparable approach to increase funds. It has been to pay off handsomely for some in the previous and presently one of the environment-friendly methods to make cash from YouTube.




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