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How To Start Your Own Business?

The way to do business starting your own business needs to start by asking yourself.  What is the most serious challenge in starting your own business?

Not no capital, not no new ideas.  The most difficult thing is to maintain endurance in doing business, staying in business despite facing many challenges.

How To Start Your Own Business?

How do you start a business or own a business so you don’t give up easily?
Opening your own business takes time, can not be instant.

Why do people choose to start their own business?
There is a process that must be passed in starting and building a business.
Starting from thinking about initial ideas, opening, introducing, and promoting the business. In this process, there are many challenges and obstacles.  Both from internal business people themselves and those who come from external.

Tips to Build Endurance in Starting Your Own Business.

The following is a note about how to start a new business and maintain endurance in doing business, so you can stay focused when opening a business, despite the difficulties and challenges that come over.

How to start a business and build strong business motivation is to do a number of initial steps to start a business, namely:

1) Have a big dream
2) Work-Based on Passion
3) Learn from Successful People
4) Family Support
5) Facing Competition

Let’s discuss the 5 tips for starting a business above one by one.

1. Have Big Dreams

Dreams are able to move mountains, so one of the figures of speech said.
This shows how strong the influences of dreams, including in trying.
The dream should be something worthy, worthed, to be pursued and fought for.  If not, dreams will be easily defeated or secondary to the pressure of short-term needs and demands that usually seem more urgent to fulfill.
When a barrage of difficulties arises, dreams become an encouragement that supports us not to give up but instead looks for a way out. Dreams become the last bastion. Some well-known motivators suggest that the dream must be specific and clear.  Written on a piece of paper, then infused and remembered every time.
Thus, the ideals are internalized in a strong and entrenched.

2. Work-based on Passion

Working because of the urge of love or a hobby, the results will be different.  There is a strong desire to give the best.  Roughly speaking, we don’t even get paid, we want to do that.
Passion is a powerful encouragement when business is difficult.  Even though sales are declining, because doing so is not due to profit demands, but because we really like it, we will continue to work to give our best.
The consistency of work at the end will bring appreciation.
Conversely, if the business is done because of the expectation of wealth alone, when challenges or difficulties arise, which undoubtedly must be in the business, the spirit of never giving up easily wears off.  There is no motivation from within that keeps the spirit up. Generally, building your own business takes time.  Rarely can succeed in a short time.  The stamina to survive most effectively is a motivation that comes from within.  That is passion.

3. Learn from successful people

Learn a lot from people who have succeeded.
From them, we will understand that the way to build a business is not easy.  There is a process of winding, up and down, steep, which must be passed if you want to succeed.
Even the successful ones have passed it.  They succeed because they can survive.  Try to stop in the middle of the road, surely the success they get now will never be realized.
The experience of this successful person becomes a powerful reminder, becomes an uplifting spirit, when you are tired or depressed.  If successful business people just need time and even need a sacrifice to be successful, it’s only natural that we are just starting business-facing problems.
Therefore, attending a seminar, listening to a talk show on the radio, or reading a tabloid about sharing success stories is something that should be done routinely.  Not just to gain knowledge, but more than that, to be a spirit booster amidst the challenges of starting your own business.

4. The importance of family support

Why is family support important when opening your own business?
When business is difficult, usually household cash flow is affected.  Which used to be able to go to the mall every week, or go on holiday twice a year, now must be reduced, or even abolished altogether in order to save money for business finance.  (see here How to Manage Family Finances).
The family that feels the most impact.  And family reaction also determines whether or not the business continues.
Families who do not support must often complain and do not want to compromise.  I see a number of people who have finally withdrawn from doing business because of pressure from families, who want to keep their lifestyle, do not want to be concerned, even though financial conditions are not possible.
Conversely, families who support, give enthusiasm and most importantly want to be concerned.  They understand that difficulties now will bring greater happiness later.
Therefore, when you want to start a business, it is important to talk and talk openly to the family.  Explain that starting a business will face difficult times in the beginning, challenges that are not easy, which require support and sacrifice from the family.
The key to success in starting your own business, not only good products, brilliant marketing strategies, and business models, but more than that, it takes strength and perseverance to continue to survive.  Business is full of challenges and obstacles.  Because when business people back down before reaching their goals, all the right strategies and plans and qualified products are all in vain.

5. Facing Competition

What do you think if someone opens a similar business next to your business?
This is a classic question that is certainly posed by many who do their own business.
New business starts and good development, eh not long after someone opens a similar business next to your business.

How to react?

First, accept the fact that competition is an inseparable part of a business.  An advanced business must attract competition.

Secondly, the existence of competition provides an input into our business about what is still lacking and needs to be corrected.

Third, the existence of competition shows that the business that we do has good market potential, so that competitors dare to enter.




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