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When starting a business, the first thing you should keep in mind is it’s objective and here I am not talking about the economic part, the profit that you are obviously looking for and which is also important, I am talking about its objective in the market, what is the specific need that this business comes to cover.

Whatever investment you plan to make, start by observing a latent need, and then the idea is that you take advantage of your skills and experiences to develop it and that the investment is the least possible.

How to start a low investment business

If you are new to this field, the first thing you should guide is regarding the business model, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different options, also see that it suits your profile and possibilities. You should also reinforce leadership, management, and business planning skills.

Unleash your creativity and make the most of your skills, with this I want to tell you that you cannot start a food business if you don’t like to cook, or an art or craft sales business if you are not good at it unless that in your investment capital you count to hire those who do that work. Here I suggest some low investment business.

  • Massage services business

    It is a simple business to start, it offers good profitability, you just need to have knowledge about the different types of massages, which you can get through courses, a stretcher for patients and a room for this job. Or you could offer the service at home and get a special stretcher and car to get around.

    Today the high levels of tension and stress make anyone like to get a good massage, if you start this type of business, it is vital that you worry about a good specialization, that your massages meet the needs of the client. This ensures you not only a customer but a chain of referrals, which will make the business grow quickly. Within a period of time, you can invest in renting a place to make massage cubicles, hire staff and you will manage to run your own spa.

  • Sports business

    This type of business is especially aimed at those who have a sporting ability, you can start by offering a personalized or group training service.

    This is a very low-cost business idea, counting that outdoor exercise is very fashionable, you can set up your Zumba gym, dance therapy, yoga, karate, or any other that is your specialty, in a nearby park, where you only mobilize the music equipment, without having to resort to expensive devices. To grow after a while you have the option to rent a site and offer different sports activities.

    It is important that you keep in mind to keep up with new trends and take courses that give you certifications to offer quality service.

    Sale of art and all kinds of specialized crafts

    An artist has the ability to turn any material into a work of art, be they simple, classic, or modern works, they will always take place on the wall, a table, or a corner of any house, office, shopping center, etc. With this, I refer to the fact that, if you enter this type of business, you have an enormous diversity of possible buyers.

    Analyze what type of client you want to capture and attack one type of client at a time, you can make small exhibitions and grow to perhaps create your own art salon. This business is quite lucrative, the biggest investment you should make is your time and creativity, so it is important to be careful about the value you give to your work.

    And you can also sell through an online store.

Artisan food

This is a very fashionable low-investment business, more and more these small homemade companies are seen that start packing various vegetables, jams, preserves, or packaging some types of cookies, pasta, bread. Among other categories, these are the two most frequent, of course, that will depend on the audience you want to cover and where you are going to sell it.

Setting up a restaurant involves a large investment. If yours is the kitchen, you can start from home, and for sale, you take your packaged products or some desserts to restaurants, chain stores or create your food truck or kiosk where the investment is less.

Remember to find out all the corresponding permits, whether they are health or commercial since the sale of food usually has those regulations, so you will avoid problems. Depending on the quality of your product, you will be able to open new markets and grow in this business.

The important thing is that you follow your convictions and never stop working hard for your dreams. The fruits of your effort may take time to arrive depending on the nature of the business and the economic cycles in the country you are in.




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