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16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023:

This online Paid survey is one of the most typical results that we find when we start in the promising world of making money online.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

Their operation is simple.

These online paid surveys are supposed to be commissioned by companies to conduct market research, those fun things they tell you about in college economics studies.

The thing is as simple as that companies pay those people who do the surveys in a conscientious way.


Is it really easy to make money with online surveys?
How much can we earn?
Can we be scammed by these survey companies?
Tips to earn money with online surveys
What are the best-paid surveys that we can find on the net?
In this post, I am going to answer those questions but first, we are going to start with the best-paid survey platforms that we can find in the world market.

Best platforms with online paid surveys
how to earn with paid surveys
Today we can find a huge number of platforms that allow you to conduct online surveys.

The vast majority of these platforms operate globally but have their particularities for each country. This is so because different countries have different markets and legal systems, which means that the companies that pay survey platforms have different needs depending on one country or another.

If we start looking for platforms to do surveys, we can surely find more than 100, but not all of them are reliable and there will always be some that are better than others depending on several factors.

We have to take into account things like:

1 Which is the one that pays the best?

Be careful, because this can be misleading depending on the job itself. Some bookmakers pay better than others in certain jobs but worse in others. Ideally, look for the one that pays the best at the right time. Come on, it would be the equivalent of having several bookmakers and looking for the one that gives the best odds for which event. For this, the ideal is to have accounts in several of these companies and see which ones are better.

2 Prestige of the bookmaker

By this I mean a bit of the track record of the platform itself. There are platforms that have come out very recently about which nothing is known. As it is a world in which there are scams from time to time, you have to be very careful with new platforms that are little known. It’s best to stick with the classics on the market, those that have been around for a long time and have an established reputation.

We can also take into account the work capacity that an online survey house offers us, since there are some that hardly offer jobs and it is not worth spending a lot of time waiting in them.

Here we have the table with the most popular online paid survey platforms in the world market:

1 Toluna

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is one of the most important survey companies in the world, with a presence in more than 68 countries. Having been founded in 2000 and operating fully online as a survey site since 2003, it is one of the most prestigious survey sites on the market.

It is a community with more than 10 million users in the world. But this does not mean that all those users are active. As with the rest of the survey sites, most of the users are not active regularly.

The operation is typical of this type of company. You register, complete the surveys and then you can proceed to collect your balance by Paypal (minimum of 35 euros) or exchange the points for prizes on sites such as Amazon, iTunes or Zalando, among many other sites.

2 Ipsos I-Say

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This survey page called i-Say belongs to the powerful French marketing group Ipsos, one of the largest companies in the sector in the sector in the world. We are talking about a group founded no less than in 1975 and that earns more than 1,500 million euros. I-Say is but one of its many subsidiaries that it has in the sector.

According to the i-Say online page, they have more than 3 million members opting for their products. A smaller number than other competitors. This in principle is good because we will have less competition (but remember again that most of those registered do not participate).

The advantage of this page is that the minimum payment is quite small so you can get paid quite quickly. With 5 euros we can already charge by Paypal. But you can also exchange points in the extensive network of collaborators of the company, such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés and a long etcetera.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

3 Swagbucks

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is one of the oldest online jobs companies in the market and probably the best known in the world, especially in the Anglo-Saxon markets. In recent years it has expanded its market to the Hispanic market making a great effort to provide an efficient service in Spanish.

In terms of reliability, it is one of the best because it is a company that has been operating since 2008.

According to it, it has distributed more than 300 million euros among its participants.

As jobs are completed, Swagbucks (SB) are earned. Then, these SBs can be used in the stores that participate with this company or they can be entered in money by Paypal. To start charging with this page, you have to accumulate 300 SBs, which is not difficult because the SB that we can expect from an average job ranges from 40 to 200 SBs.

In addition to surveys we can do other things such as online searches or watch videos.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

4 YouGov

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

YouGov is a British online survey platform that was created in 2000 in the United Kingdom and in 2005 it already began to trade on the London alternative stock exchange. Therefore, if we want, we can even follow the listing of this company, and even invest in it.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

The 2020 figures tell us that you have:

8 million users
000 employees
35 offices
Two of its main offices are in Spain and Mexico.

To be able to withdraw money from YouGove you need to reach the threshold of € 25 although at the moment it only has payments with Amazon checks.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

5 Surveyeah

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This bookmaker with such an original name is one of the most popular and prestigious in the world, present in more than 120 countries and in operation since 2014. It is a company based in Milan and belongs to the Tradetech group.

Surveyeah is one of the most complete paid survey pages online since it has a number of payment methods that the vast majority do not have. It can be charged not only by Paypal, but also through Skrill, Western Union or MoneyGram. And there is also the possibility of receiving the famous checks from Amazon.

One of the things I like the most about this company is that its page in Spanish is one of the ones that brings more and better information, being one of the most transparent in the sector.

The only downside is that they don’t send out too many surveys; maybe one or two a day, so we cannot think that we are going to make a lot of money with these surveys, but we can see it as a complement that allows us to earn those extra dollars a month.

The Surveyeah program works in batches of 10 or 20 dollars or euros, which we can collect in Paypal, checks from, downloads of ebooks or donate to charity. For Paypal it will normally be 20 and for Amazon checks 10. The thresholds for Skrill and the other payment methods are higher, usually 40.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

6 Ysense

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is the new name of the Clixsense brand, another of the veteran and prestigious companies in the sector.

Curiously, the company is part of the Prodege LLC group, a strong company in the online world based in California and which groups together other well-known players in the sector such as Swagbucks or IboxDollars. That is to say, we are facing a company with a well established backing and prestige in the world of online marketing.

In addition to surveys, you can also earn money by testing products, downloading applications, watching videos, and many other tasks.

As a negative point is that the page is in English and does not have as many works in Spanish. But this does not mean that you can also do simple jobs in English.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

7 Myiyo

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

Myiyo is a paid survey company based in Germany that serves the main countries of the Spanish-speaking world.

It is one of the most prestigious and highest paying companies.

Payments will be charged from € / $ 20 and will be made in Paypal, although you have to wait 20 days to receive them.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

8 MobRog

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is an online and mobile survey company.

In this case we are dealing with a German company founded in 2015 and which quickly became one of the main companies in the survey sector. It offers its services to about 80 countries, covering almost all those in the Spanish-speaking sphere.

This page stands out for its simplicity, which we see reflected in its main navigation where it gives us the two basic options:

Online Surveys
Mobile Surveys

9 Prizerebel

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is one of the most prestigious and veteran companies in the sector, created back in 2007. It is a service especially focused on the English market, especially the Anglo-Saxon world. However, this does not mean that it is not valid for users in the Hispanic world, since you can also do simple surveys in English if you have a minimum level. In addition, there is the incentive that it is a company that pays relatively well. Remember that the United States is the most powerful market in the world and earning 2 dollars there may be almost nothing but it is more decent money in places like Venezuela, Uruguay or Colombia.

In order to use the platform, you will have to use a VPN with one of the countries of the sphere in English, but we can charge by Paypal with a minimum of $ 5. Amazon would not really be worth it because it would be for the “.com”.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

10 Centro de opinion

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is a survey company that offers services in several European countries, including Spain. Behind it is Survey Sampling International, a company in the United States with a track record in market research since 1977.

The minimum to charge is € 2.50, one of the most affordable on the market.

The copper methods are Paypal, Amazon Checks, or the iTunes store. According to the company, last year they distributed more than 275,000 euros.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

11 Opine y Gane

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

Opine y Gane Veteran survey page operating since 2004 that only admits clients from Spain.

Like most companies in the industry, it belongs to a larger group, in this case Dynata Global, a major London data company.

The minimum payment is € 15 and can be redeemed in checks from Amazon, Zalando and other online products.

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

12 Pinecone Research

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This site is not your typical one that you can easily register for free in a few minutes. In order to register, it is through an invitation link that we can find in specialized online marketing sites, earn money from home, surveys and the like.

This is an online survey and jobs company that belongs to the Nielsen LLC marketing group of New York, one of the world’s largest companies in the industry.

Payments can only be withdrawn with gift checks on Amazon and other online companies, so it might not be the ideal page for many people who are looking for cash as quickly as possible.

13 Green Panthera

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

Green Panthera is one of the most prestigious houses in the international market despite having only been in business since 2016.

It is one of the companies with the best coverage of the Spanish-speaking market, offering services to the citizens of Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, etc.

The operation of the page is simple. We can buy in the stores available in it and for this we can get credits by doing the tasks that we are taught in the “Win” section, which are usually surveys.

14 SurveyPronto

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

This is a “sister” company of GreenPanthera, as they both belong to the A & K International Ink group.

However, this may be better for the simple reason that it allows payments by Paypal, so it would be the option to choose for those who prefer to see hard and fast cash.

15 Opinion Bureau

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

Opinion Bureau is another of the classic companies in the world of online paid surveys. It is available only for Spain and Mexico, among the Spanish-speaking countries. The other countries it covers are the United States and some of the most important in the world.

One of the incentives of this platform is that it gives € 5 or $ when you register.

It is not a company that sends many surveys, but something that it does irregularly and not every day. On the other hand, it is usually one of the highest-paying companies in the sector.

Like the vast majority of survey companies, it allows Paypal payments of $ / € 10 or using Amazon checks.

16 Prolific Academic

16 Best Sites to Make Money With online paid surveys 2023

Prolific Academic is another old veteran of the global polls market, in this case the Anglo-Saxon, taking care of a good part of the polls in the British market, and therefore paying in pounds.

This platform works hand in hand with sites such as the University of Oxford, and therefore the quality of the surveys that is expected is maximum.

The profile of these surveys is rather scientific and academic in nature. The latter also helps the surveys be among the best paid on the market.

However, as “but” do not forget that it is in English, so if you do not feel comfortable with that language it is better to look for other alternatives.

How to detect surveys that are scams?
This is not so easy at first glance because most scam companies always look like legal companies.

However, it is always a good idea to go for companies that have already been established in the market for years, and that have proven that they pay their customers without problems, such as the ones we have in the list in this post. If we see that it is a recently created and little known company, perhaps we would do well to wait a little for a time to pass and be verified by many users.

In general, you should stick with the ones that ask you for the least compromised personal data.

Let’s look at some of the tips to avoid being misled by what could be fake survey companies:

If they ask you for some income of money. There you should run away, literally. No matter how good they paint the matter for you.
If they sound too good to be true
Do not ever deposit money in any, and less if it is a significant amount, so if one asks you to enter, you better run away
If the acceptance process takes too long, in which you would almost have taken a free survey. Be careful.
Requires an impressive amount of winnings before the check is paid
Check that they really pay and look for information about it
They must have a privacy policy in such a way that they do not share your data with possible spam companies, although this is always very difficult to verify; for example, it is impossible to know if this company gives your data to “pirates” and various trolls.
The second of the points is always very important.

Don’t believe those who promise you a lot for little.

If it sounds incredibly good, like you are going to be able to earn the equivalent of a salary in a not very complicated way, it is almost certainly a booby trapper.

Operation of online survey companies
Well, logically, you will have to provide personal and demographic data.

Then, if you meet the profile requirements, that is, age, region, preferences, etc., you will be asked to start taking online surveys.

This verification is very important, and it is normal for many of these companies to disqualify you at the first exchange rate for not meeting the minimum requirements.

If this issue of “disqualification” has been quick and easy, it is more than normal and you must accept it. Here you have to be careful not to fall into what I said before the “previous” surveys to do the surveys, where they ask you too many questions, because of the risk that I mentioned of:

Give your personal data (spam or directly attempt to supplement personality)
Doing simple surveys without you noticing, thinking that you are doing the verification of your profile.
Some advice that people give for this type of topic is that you do not be too honest with the data you give in them, but depending on the cases, give answers that suit you, such as if you have never used X, not it. you say.

At this last point, by the way, we can already see the character of falsehood that can exist in online businesses, a world where we do not know where the truth and the lie lie. Although in reality this is similar to real life.

How much can you earn with online surveys?
Well, let’s face it: obviously not much, don’t think you’re going to get rich or that you’re going to earn good money online.

You can earn from 0.50 euros or dollars, for shorter surveys, to 3, 5 or more, for more complex and long surveys.

Some say that certain studios offer payments of up to more than 50 USD or EUR, but this, of course, is very rare. Don’t expect to find it often, and if so, it’s probably because you’re going to have to spend an inordinate amount of hours making them. The important thing is that you look at how much you earn per hour.

On the other hand, this is not a field in which you are going to be working all day constantly, since you will only have the possibility of taking surveys when they are required by a company in question through the relevant platforms.

Then you will ask yourself that in this way there is no possibility of making money, because you can go indefinitely without receiving companies and you may need money now.

This can be good to earn some extra money here and there and, of course, to learn a little about how online payment systems work; but nothing else.

Of course, there are better systems to earn money online, but that is something that you will have to learn little by little.

Here we have a video where they explain well that you should not get too excited about making a lot of money with this method:

These online paid surveys can come in handy if:

You are a student and you need to earn some extra money
You are someone who desperately needs some money
You live in a poor country, where earning $ 2 an hour is acceptable. With that money you don’t go very far in Spain, let alone the United States
They are not so good for you yes:

You live in a rich country, where 5 or 10 dollars is not much. For example, United States, United Kingdom, Spain
You have expectations of earning a good salary per month
Also, if you noticed on the list of survey companies, most don’t offer too many a day, and in many cases we can only hope to find the occasional occasional. This already tells us that it is not a system that is made for us to earn large amounts of money, but on the contrary, to earn small amounts here or there.



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