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PHILIPS Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer

PHILIPS Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Beard, Hair & Body Trimmer.
The blades are 2x sharper in operation than ordinary trimmer blades.
DualCut blades are obviously useful to cut hairs briskly than the single blades.
On the other hand, the blades are made with rounded edge tone- stropping technology to stay sharp for a long time.
The rounded edged tone- stropping blades cut the hairs without galling the skin and makes the slice process comfortable.
Phillips promises that the blades will be up to 5 times as sharp as the first day.
All possible decoration technology to give the ultimate perfection using the blades of Philips Narelco Multigrum 7000 trimming machine.

The Power Source:
Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 power source
The important battery provides 5 hours of nonstop cordless performance with a full charge.
I plant the battery takes 2 hours for a full charge but some druggies said it took 3 hours after a long period of use.

On the other hand, there’s a 5 nanosecond quick charging option in the trimmer that provides enough juice for a perfect critical bachelor.
The quick charging option is really useful while you’re on the go and the rechargeable battery is empty of power.

100 Washable:
Philips Norelco Multigroom70007750/49 Trimmer 100 leakproof
Philips Norelco multigroom70007750/40 trimmer and all of its attachments are completely washable. So you can use water for easy cleaning and conservation. Just hold the trimmer under running water to clean the device and all attachments.

Premium Stainless Steel Frame:
Philips Multigroom 7000 erected frame. Philips Norelco 7000 trimmer’s frame is made with pristine sword.
The pristine sword frame protects the trimmer from severe damage indeed in the accidental fall down.
This defensive frame ensures super continuity and long-continuing performance.
The rubber grip around the trimmer makes it enough much comfortable to control.

Reinforced Trimming Guards
stylish multi grooming tackle
Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 7750 comes with 14 corroborated trimming guards.
The corroborated guards are made for long lasting stability without bending and buckling.
The corroborated guards are suitable to cut and trim the beard, head hair, stubble and body hair, and the guards are collectively pronounced.

PHILIPS Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer

Guard : Length in Millimeter
Stubble guards: 1 mm, 2 mm
. Beard Guards: 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm
. Fading Guards: 4mm-9 mm
The 6 mm beard guard is also known as eyebrow guard to trim and shape the eyebrows.

The Trimmer Attachment:
Philips Multigroom 7000 trimmer attachment
The main accessory in the Philips 7000 series multigroom package is the cutting accessory.
This is the slice device to trim beards, body hairs, eyebrows, and stubble.
The trimmer attachment itself provides0.5 mm trouncing length without any attachment.

Extra-wide Hair Trimmer:
Philips multigroom 7000 redundant wide hair trimmer attachment
The Philips Multigroom 7000 comes with an extra wide hair trimming attachment.
This wide attachment head can capture more hair with each stroke which is specially designed for scalp hair and long beard.
There are 6 companion combs (the hair combs and fading combs) in the package that fit in the redundant wide hair trimmer for trimming and fading.

Detail Trimmer:
Philips MG7750 detail trimmer attachment
Detailing is really veritably important for an accomplished trim and style.
The Philips MG7750 bundle comes with a narrow detail trimmer attachment.
The attachment can reach veritably tricky areas to make perfection trouncing since it has tight shape.

The Foil Shaver Head:
Philips Norelco Multigroom70007750/49 Trimmer antipode boychick head
There’s a perfection antipode boychick head in the multigroom package.
The headgear is used to shave the edges close.
This is a final touch attachment to make the trouncing process more accurate with clean outlines.

Nose and Observance Trimmer:
Philips Multigroom70007750/49 Trimmer nose and observance trimmer
Removing the nose and observance hairs is veritably grueling because the places are veritably sensitive.
There’s a rotary nose and observance trimmer attachment in the Philips Multigroom 7000 package.
The nose trimmer helps to remove the unwanted hairs from the nose, observance without any kind of vexation.


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