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Top 5 Best Sites You Can Watch Videos And Make Money Online

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Top 5 Best Sites You Can Watch Videos And Make Money Online:

Excessive hours of watching videos on your phone and computer. Most of these videos are for entertainment purposes only.

With high speed internet, watching videos feels like a fun thank you for spending time. But, I mean, you watch videos and make money at the same time and make money online.

People are watching more and more videos thanks to Pandemic. But have you ever wondered how much time you waste watching these videos?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew – getting paid to watch videos?

Yes, you’re heard it right, you’ll see similar videos like YouTube videos, movies, ads and get the equivalent.

Watch videos and make money

I know a lot of questions will attack your mind.

This article will help you gain skills online by watching videos and making the most of your free time. On the one hand, it will entertain you, on the other hand, it will help (Make money online) you to make some income.

Note: You may be rolling grass time, but do not consider it a substitute for your regular work.

Watch videos and make money with the best websites and apps

Below you will find a list of 5 websites and some apps that can help you make money in your spare time. These sites are legal and are already used by many people around the world.

Go through these sites (Make money online) to find out how to do this. Many of these sites offer you good money, while others do not pay you much. But they should all be tried.

Some of these sites give away your money and some in the form of prizes (Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, etc.) or coupons.


5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

1. ySense

Wisdom is one of the simplest websites where you can watch videos and make money. I have been working with ySense for 8 years and making money.

You can sign up for ySense here and get started with ySense. You will find many quests and offers that ySense requires to watch various videos and video ads to make money.

You also get paid to complete your online surveys in ySense. Withdraw your income through PayPal, Pioneer and Skyrill.

2. Swagbox

Swagbox is a popular site for making money with videos and ads. You will visit the website and install apps that make money watching videos.

Its motto is “Poles That Pay”. You get paid to answer surveys and watch ads and videos. Also, Swagbox pays you to enjoy games.

Whenever you complete a task, you get Swagbox or SB. One swag is worth a cent. This means that once you’ve got 100 swagbacks, you’ll make a dollar.

You will receive this refund if you exceed the Re 3 limit. It is often easily converted into cash, or you can use it as an Amazon gift card, Walmart, Starbucks, etc.

3. Inbox Dollars‌

Inbox Dollars is one of the most popular and easily accessible websites (Make money online) for making money by doing short jobs such as watching videos, playing games and shopping.

You can earn coupons and scratch cards. Videos you watch during the day are blocked.

By the end of the year, you can earn anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100.

4. Netflix

I know this is amazing for you, but Netflix deserves to be on this list. Most of the time, Netflix opens posts called taggers.

This is a lucrative job as the Taggers see many new Netflix series and associate them with different labels. These specific tags enable Netflix to recommend this series to relevant viewers.

With this job, you will get 00069,000 per year. But the fact is that these jobs are not always open. Netflix (Make money online) only hires 30 people to try to work. The competition is fierce, so you have to be careful about that.

Read this text to do research on the complex operation of Netflix Bing-Watcher or Tagger.

5. AdFun

AdFun may be slightly different from other bonus sites. Here people are bidding for gifts. This will make you hit or roll yourself on the straw. People can interact with each other through AdFun.

Here you can make money online by watching videos. Use the money you earn to bid on various prizes laterIs.

The winner takes the value, and people get nothing. You will participate in many bids, but make sure you have enough money / points.


In this article, you ‘ve come a long way and now you’re learning about these sites and apps that pay to watch videos (Make money online) and ads in your spare time. This is a perfect thank you for spending time and investing your free time effectively.

I hope you have found this phrase suitable for utilizing your productivity in a modern way.

You can earn an average of $ 100- $ 1000 per year by watching videos. Doesn’t that sound fun? Check out the big picture right now.

Why are you waiting?



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