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21 weird ways to make money in 2023

21 weird ways to make money in 2023: one is to get famous and the other is to make money. Understandably, getting famous isn’t that easy. But there are definitely some weird ways to make money.

21 weird ways to make money in 2023

There are many ways, but I will only write about the legitimate ones.

21 strange and best weird ways to make money

Strange ways to earn money
The ways I am describing are time-tested and proven. And some of them can help you earn a very decent income throughout the year.


1. Rent your friendship

Did you know that millions of people around the world are willing to pay you money to become their friends? No, I am not talking about dating sites or escort services. I mean lonely people who want your company while visiting your city.

They will take you out to eat and drink and possibly buy you expensive gifts as well. Both women and men qualify to earn money in this strange way. Check your buddy rental company guidelines to see if you qualify.

2. Sell your hair

Baldness affects millions of women and men around the world. That’s why they buy wigs, extensions, mustaches, and beards. These accessories are useful both to look good and for cinemas and shows.

If you have excellent quality “virgin” hair, as they call it, you can sell it and earn some money. Selling hair is not easy because buyers have strict specifications on quality. However, you can give it a try. Selling your hair means that you are allowing someone to look good.

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3. Old clothes trade

If you have amazing dresses in your closet, sell them for money. There are many stores both online and offline that will pay you for used clothing as long as it is in excellent condition. They also offer you the option to change your clothes.

The system works in two ways: the store will display your dresses and pay when someone buys them. The other is that they will buy it for cash and sell it on their own. The service has a minimal cost.

4. Sell used car parts

Auto mechanics and vintage car owners can make a lot of money selling used parts. In fact, this is one of the most popular weird ways to make money with eBay, although very few people sell.

That’s because people in America and elsewhere are looking for high-quality, functional parts for their older cars. These parts are not readily available because the company stopped making the vehicle and its parts a long time ago.

5. Offer of exotic bird eggs

A dozen parrot eggs cost $ 50 or even more if the bird is an exotic species. However, these bird eggs must be fertile. That is, they can be incubated in incubators to obtain little birds. While parrot eggs are the most common, you can also try selling fertile eggs from other rare birds, where local laws allow for their sale.

Generally, the sale of bird eggs that can be kept as pets and that are not considered endangered species is allowed. But check with the nearest forest department to be very sure.

6. Work like Sugar Baby

There is much debate as to whether the system of working as a sugar baby is honorable or not. Yet thousands of young women and men across the United States and elsewhere can afford higher education with the money they earn as sugar babies.

A sugar baby is someone who offers companionship to an older woman or man, usually someone very wealthy. Besides the fees like a sugar baby, they also get a lot of expensive gifts. They are expected to be very sophisticated.

7. Telephone sex operator

Phone sex operators or PSOs make around $ 60 per hour. They remain anonymous and are known only by false names or an identity provided by a phone sex agency. The job is generally open to women, but some agencies also hire men.

There is no physical contact with the customer and the caller cannot see the PSO they are chatting with either. In fact, some PSOs describe their work as fun and enjoyable.

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8. Donate Breast Milk

Human milk or breast milk can be sold or rather “donated” for some money through legitimate channels in some US states. The main clients are new moms who are unable to breastfeed or have specific nutritional needs for their babies.

Today some exotic restaurants also buy breast milk to make ice cream and sweets, although the legality of this trade is unknown. Donating or selling breast milk is not a way to make a lot of money. Instead, it’s a great way to help newborns and their moms.

9. Online fortune teller

You can make someone’s day by using this strange way to earn money. Work as a fortune teller online. Today they make a lot of money.

It’s pretty straightforward. All you need is software that can “predict” some fortune for your clients. Oftentimes, local radio stations and television channels also hire fortune tellers online for fun. It’s a nice job if you have the right skills to understand people and their needs.

10. Make exotic cheese

This is a very profitable but strange way to make money. However, it requires mastery of the art of cheese making. Exotic cheese such as those made with special types of mushrooms, the milk of different types of animals are sold at very high prices in local and foreign markets.

This is a very specialized art and therefore not many people venture into the project. But if you have the right skills to make exotic cheeses, you can make a fortune in no time.

11. Joint roller

A growing number of states in the US legalize the use of cannabis or marijuana for recreational purposes. Therefore, there are quite a few places that serve marijuana joints to customers. If you can create a perfect joint consisting of the right amount of herb and tobacco that customers can enjoy, become a joint roller.

Now, let’s get this straight: joint rollers aren’t addicted to weed or something. They’re just marijuana fans who know what it takes to enjoy a good joint. Therefore, they develop joints that customers can enjoy.

12. Become a shaman

Becoming a shaman is one of the strangest ways to earn money. As you know, Shaman is a person who claims to have contact with certain types of spirits and the hidden world.

They suggest cures for various ailments, casting spells or breaking curses. Nowadays it is also easy to become a shaman online. You will need some knowledge of the ancient art of contacting the spirit world, casting spells, and breaking curses.

13. Become a snake charmer

We have all heard of snake charmers from India and the East. And most of us know that they don’t play with poisonous snakes unless the reptile has had its fangs removed and rendered harmless.

Learn to handle non-poisonous and poisonous snakes that have had their fangs and venomous glands removed. You can earn a lot of money by presenting shows at parties and other events.

14. Become a ventriloquist

The ventriloquism of the art of manipulating puppets and dolls and lending your voice is an art that is fading today. Therefore, good ventriloquists are in high demand.

Of course, art is fading because it needs special skills, audience understanding, quick wit, and many more skills that we often think we don’t have. Try becoming a ventriloquist. Who knows? One day you too could be rich and famous.

15. Cult Leader

Do you know how to combine philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and other esoteric things to offer people a heady mix? If so, try to earn money as a cult leader. People who face a spiritual void in their life look for cult leaders who make them feel good.

However, a simple caveat. Not all cult leaders are successful. Some cult leaders have suffered a violent death or face harsh prison terms for abusing the trust of their followers.

16. Make exotic ice cream

Who doesn’t enjoy ice cream? But we all know that ice cream comes in regular flavors with a few variations. In the end, they all taste the same. During a trip to the Far East of Asia, I came across a street vendor selling all kinds of rare ice creams.

He had pepper ice cream, radish ice cream, ice cream made from different types of herbs and leaves, as well as some with worms. And most of his ice cream was so unique that he had never seen them anywhere else in the world.

21 weird ways to make money in 2023

17. Donate your sperm

Donating sperm to help couples have a child is not new. But in recent years, it has become a strange way to earn a living for thousands of men. For example, a healthy donor can earn between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 per month simply by donating sperm twice a week.

However, realistically, most men would earn between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000. Compensation depends on many factors, such as the donor’s health, age, and certain genetic factors.

21 weird ways to make money in 2023

18. Sell your panties

This has nothing to do with your old or no longer wearing panties or any expensive lingerie you may have in your collection. Instead, many men around the world want unwashed panties that you wear and remove.

That’s because they are attracted to feminine scents. I have heard about women making $ 5000 per month selling dirty, dirty, and used panties, but I cannot independently verify these reports. Realistically, you could make between $ 200- $ 500 per month, if you’re lucky.

19. Train Crave Mega

Crave Mega, as some of you may know, is an offensive and self-defense technique perfected by the Israel Defense Forces. Although it was initially used to train IDF personnel for combat purposes, the teaching and learning of Crave Mega are open to anyone.

You can easily become a Crave Mega trainer by taking a certified course from some good institute. And, of course, a license to train people in this deadly martial art.

21 weird ways to make money in 2023

20. Professional mourner

Can you just cry at the funeral of a person you’ve never met? If so, this is the best weird way to earn money for you. Professional mourners or paid mourners or hired mourners, as they are called, are an ancient tradition throughout the world.

It means that you will be paid to attend the funeral and cry out loud, even though you do not know the deceased person. And you might be surprised, there are many funeral directors and funeral homes that actually require paid mourners to send them to the homes of grieving families.

21 weird ways to make money in 2023

21. Put Ads On Your Car

If you are someone who takes pride in the appearance of your car, as many people do, this may not be for you. However, if that’s not something you’re too concerned about, or you’re absolutely desperate for cash, it might be a great idea.

You can earn money by simply driving your car as usual, as long as you are willing to wrap everything in one giant advertisement. Seriously, you could make between $ 300 and $ 900 per month. Check the details and offer your services!

In conclusion

If you are looking to make money in weird and unconventional ways, the previous 21 jobs or jobs will definitely come in handy. In fact, with the shortage of mainstream jobs and stiff competition for every opening, many people are turning to strange ways to earn money. As you can see from my list above, some of these shapes would require some skills, while other shapes are useful to everyone.

21 weird ways to make money in 2023



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