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A Small Business Laundry and Automatic

A Small Business Laundry and Automatic


If you want to start or looking for a simple and attractive business this will surely be an option that you will love. It is a business that you can start with little investment. You can gradually grow. It does not require you to have any kind of specialised knowledge

The basic idea of ​​the business is to install a laundry center equipped with automatic clothes washers and dryers. The service to be provided consists of the rental of the washing equipment and is aimed at housewives and executives who, for reasons of time or because they do not have this equipment, make use of the services you offer.

The ideal location will be in executive apartment centers or medium level neighborhoods.


A Small Business Laundry and Automatic

 Laundry Equipment

 It has the advantage that you can start with little equipment  and  gradually add machines. To start you could think of 2 or 3 washing machines and a dryer.

 Additionally you will need some work tables as well as seats for people to wait for their washing and a counter for customer service.

 You can also implement the reception, washing and delivery service for people who have little time and want to leave their loads of clothes with the added value of the service that will represent an extra income.

 Operating Costs

Within the minimum operating costs you must consider the rent of the premises, electricity, water and washing supplies as well as the depreciation of the equipment.


To promote your business, the printing of flyers is recommended to distribute in the areas surrounding the location of your store. As well as cable TV ads in the sector and, remember that the best advertising is the one that goes from word of mouth to your satisfied customers.

What are the main competitors!!!

Direct competition is the other service point that offers exactly the same, that is, freely available machines that users can use to clean and dry their clothes. But, in addition to the other self-service laundries, there are indirect competitors such as:

Traditional laundries, which offer washing and ironing.

The chains specialized in household appliances. In the long run, it is cheaper to buy a washing machine than to go to the supermarket, at least for people who use it systematically to wash their clothes. This would not be the case for people who clean bulky items.

Value proposal

How to stand out from the other laundries?

 In an increasingly competitive sector, it is important to be able to offer a differentiated value proposition that helps convince the user to choose our service.

The price is a fundamental element for customers who do not have a washing machine and always come to self-service. They will prefer to walk a little more if they can save on each wash and dry.

 The schedule of opening is also important. Leaving the possibility to the client that they can use the service at the weekend, or until very late, is also to have more options to retain users.

 The atmosphere of the premises. Small details with lighting, seating comfort, decoration, cleanliness, even ambient music or vending machines can help users feel more comfortable while waiting.

The quality of the service. It is essential that the customer always find machines that work perfectly, and in case of a problem, they can call and have a quick response.

Before saying goodbye, I want to reiterate that the fruit and vegetable business requires a lot of attention both when planning the business and when executing it. So save this article to your favorites and share it on social networks. See you soon, as a successful entrepreneur.



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