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Become a Millionaire by Selling Online course

Become a Millionaire by Selling Online course:

It sounds bogus to hear the headline but it is true. Now the question is “how?”. Anyone plans to sell online courses then mind it that your work is not making courses and selling it just. By it, you can make money but you can not be a wealthy person.

About the question,  you have to follow some rules or ways. Here you will get 8 instructions. These will help you to achieve your goal.

Not everyone can afford the courses directly from the teachers. These are costly. We may see many classes, videos online but not all can give learners perfect information. That’s why learners prefer to buy courses that are more knowledgeable. People can afford this.

If you think you want to earn money by sharing your knowledge, then you need to read this article at least one time.


8 instructions of making and selling online courses

  1. Choose a topic and gain knowledge on it: Firstly, you need much study on a topic. You can choose any topic like language, baking, fashion, freelance, or anything that you prefer.

For example, you are a lawyer that’s not mean you can not take courses on baking or you have to take the courses on the law just

Mind it you are a teacher,so at starting you have to build up your erudition, after that you can teach others.

There are countless online websites that provide online courses. For example Khanacademy.com. This website is mainly for academic students. But anyone can enter or register on this website and learn from honorable teachers. Here many teachers take classes and provide courses.  They are from respected universities and colleges. The founder Salman khan started with just some courses. And in 2020 it is one of the best course sites in the world and won a shorty award for best in education.

2. Fix the price: Fix the price is all up to you. Before that it should keep in mind, online courses that you provide may be affordable

There are several examples like this you will get into the internet. They now earn more than $10,000 l: Fix the price is all up to you. Before that it should keep in mind, online courses that you provide may be affordable.

You have to spend money on cameras,  recorders, microphones, and other devices and spend your valuable time on it. That’s not mean the course price will be high. Basically, the price starts at $10. It is low.  So, decide the price is depending on you at the end.

Because of that, I am suggesting you look at other online course price lists. What they offer and how they fix money according to the subject. Do a search and final your price. Just remember learners can buy it if they can’t then you will not gain profit.

3. Understand the buyer’s market: It seems odd. But for making money you need to recognize buyers of your course subject. Everyone does not need the course you provide. So,  everyone is not a buyer.

Online courses have a market. You just have to make a place in that market. You should search these into the internet; which sites offer you more money or advantages,  where will you sell it or not. The market is set all over the world. You choose any country for selling the courses freely.

Asia, Middle East, Africa, are working on developing  citizen’s skills in a minimum range.  It may be a chance for you

4. Make a Marketing scheme: Select a site and sell out the course.  It is not that easy. Because that may not give much profit. The first reason behind it, you do not have that much actuality on market or sites.

skillshare, Coursera, and other sites offer you that you can do marketing on their sites. But they will charge a percentage of the money from you.

In that case, you can start to give courses to your own website or youtube. But making a good website is somewhat costly. Youtube is not that expensive.

The benefits of Educational websites are that these are very much famous.  A lot of students enter these sites every day. If you want to promote the courses on the ELearning sites they will do everything. You do not have to bother. It’s easy to make buyers like this way.

If you plan to make your own websites then you have to build faith on this at first. You need time. But if you are confident and courageous enough then you should choose this path. Social media is the biggest way of promoting. Goggle,  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are very much famous on this platform.

How much money you can spend and how much will you gain ; these are all marketing plans.Make a good marketing plan.

5. Make courses: The main part is the make courses. And this is not a simple part. You may know a subject very well but have to do homework before all things. Good homework will make a good course. And a good course will sell well.

Video-Audio or just Audio,  select any one. power-point presentation, graphic work, highlight, picture,way of your talk are the main points.

Android, the camera is necessary. Whether you have a budget then buy an inexpensive tripod, digital camera. In case you can make videos and sell them. After earning some money buy other things for good pictures and sound qualities.

However, the first part means homework must be good. Don’t pressure yourself for making many videos. Make just 5 but that should be good. Take time and add important information.

6.Trial and Test: It is advertising of the work. The courses are one kind of product. Do one or more trails and tests to understand that students eclipse  it or not.

Start to advertise on social media first. Make a group. Post one course.  For example, you made courses on the English language so post them on exam preparation time. Open the comment box and tell them to feel free to comment.

From this you will know about your lacks or it’s good or bad. This is not a hard way.

It is not costly. Take time and search on which field you can do one trail or test. 

7.Finally sell the courses: You make marketing plans , make courses, trail them. Now this time is to sell them.

Suppose, you provide the work on own website. Then work on promotion and wait.

In case, you select one educational portal, then just give them the work. They will work on promoting. Even, they will give you money in time after selling. They will keep you informed from time to time.

8. Updated course: Information,  education methods are changing little by little. So, keep updating your courses. Others make courses on that same subject as you. This is the age of competition. So, in order to survive, you have to work and update them. Whenever you update the courses, you should give notification. Students will know easily about it. E-mail, social media groups here playing an important role.

In conclusion

According to the report, ” eLearning market size is set to exceed USD 375 billions by 2026″.

Online courses demand is increasing in the world gradually. Recently in 2020, the selling rate of online courses is higher than in other years. People are staying in homes now, so the best chance to gain knowledge or learn something new for them. So, people prefer online classes, courses.

Apart from this epidemic situation, Asians, Africans,  European are wanting to increase their skills for good jobs, developing in the economy. Online courses are the best option for all.

It is considering  a good career at present. Straight off maintain the instructions and keep moving toward your goal.



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