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Can you make $50k from part-time jobs?

Can you make $50k from part-time jobs:

According to the survey,  over 20 million Americans do part-time jobs. And about their income: a fresh part-timer can earn $22,400 and it may raise to $66,300 if you have some experience. 

Part-time workers work mainly 35 hours in a week. In this less time, they can make that much money which will spend their living cost, education, hobby. And part-time jobs demand increasing day by day in the world. And that’s why worker payment is increasing too.

Famous part time jobs

Let’s  see which are most popular among people.

Online class

You can be an online tutor and provide the class to students. Online tutors demand $20 (this is the less rate) in the starting. And it can increase $50 to $60 / hour. In this epidemic,  students get lessons from online classes and tutors.

In 2020, many parents hire private online tutors. E-learning is now speeding  all over the world.

Online fitness training 

Now all are staying at home. And in this decade, people are very much conscious about looks, fitness, bodies. So, if you have good knowledge of fitness. You can provide fitness videos. A fitness trainer earns about $ 50,000 per year.

Content writing 

If you are good at writing then it may be the right career for you. You can open you on the blog to write content or many company’s sites, especially fashion, politics, etc hire people who will write articles for them. Content writers demand $20 to $70 for 1000 words.

Content writers earn a lot. You can do it as your permanent job. You can do it from your home. Even many experienced content writers earn $100 to $120 per hour.


Advisors can walk online and offline in both categories. Banks hire advisors who will tell customers about schemes, investment,  medical savings, etc. Their work is to give information and advice people about new schemes on money-saving plans.

Advisers earn about $ 51,000 in a year.


A copywriter can easily earn $24 per hour. It is a very popular job among students or workers from home.

If you have creative ideas then your client’s money account information and give the client’s news on time. Many manage client’s personal accounts also. Private bookkeepers do it.

On the other hand, companies hire a bookkeeper who will work on worker account’s information and submit these to the boss.

Video Making

A video maker can earn around $50k / per year or can earn $50 per hour also. 

You may choose any subjects.  A video maker or editor nowadays a very passionate job. You may do it online and offline in both sections.  For example, you can make videos of weddings or birthday parties. Many companies hire video makers for events. You can work 3or 4 days a week.


Translation of books,  papers are common jobs. You may earn $50k from this job. Just not us, in every country it has a huge demand.


Media is in the top chart of a career now. Full time or part-time, journalism is amazing and respectful work. In your own country, you can try it. However, foreign countries have a huge demand for ‘journalist’ jobs. You can do it online also.

Digital Marketing 

When a person opens an online business and tries to sell the products; at first it does not sell that much. It is natural. So, what is the digital worker do?

A digital worker searches to find buyers and give your product pictures, information.  It sounds easy but it is not that simple.

A course is very much necessary in this section. And it is good that the course is so cheap. Even many government or nongovernment organizations give free courses.

A digital marketer can make $50k per year. If you can do a good job and make clients happy with your work then they will make you their permanent worker.

In Fine

Most of these online jobs you can do from home. Without any investment, you may earn millions of dollars.  I always say to keep patience and do hard work. Maintain these two things. So, choose one and I assure you that you will fit one of these jobs surely.



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