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Is It Possible to make $200/day?

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Is It Possible to make $200/day:

Yes, it is possible and you can do it in a legal way. Anyone can do it. According to the survey,  Americans can earn more than $200 dollars per day by doing some part-time jobs or easy tasks. 

If you can earn $200 per day then it is also possible that you can make $5000 per month. Many do it also.

Top Jobs which gives you $200 per day

You need some skills at first. Some jobs are permanent but most of them are part time jobs. You have to work some hours.

Here, I will tell some websites names and give information. And add some work names that you can find near your home.

1. : This is a very popular website which offers easy and part time jobs. Register for your membership hete. Then when you go into the website you will get some work ad and you have to choose the work according to your skill.

Here, payment starts from $5 and there are some works which offer $100.

You will get your money after completing  your task by paypal, payoneer and other sites. Over 1 million people have membership and work here. It is a trustworthy website.

2. Postmates : This is  actually a food delivery website. Food delivery is a popular part time job. Postmates pays $25 for one delivery. That means if you want to earn $200 then you have to deliver 8 food parcels in a day.

On the other hand, some customers pay tips which is extra income. For working here you need just do a registration here.

3. TaskRabbit : It is a very popular and trustworthy website which pays more than $200 in a day. You will get this app in goggle play store. Simply downward the app. You will get  a chance to directly  contract with your client. Many works like cleaning,  furniture moving, delivery parcels are the tasks.

When you finish your work they give you a ‘Tasker’ name. After finishing tasks they will provide money through paypal or other methods.

4. Thumbtack: Thumbtack requires skills in IT sectors. It is not known to many people but it is a trustworthy place and can give you $50 for a single task. Here you will get work easily if you have a good skill. Like other apps and sites, you have to need a membership.  And if you do good work then you may get $100/work which takes a few hours to finish.  That means by doing 2 or 3 works you may earn $200/day easily.

5. : Many people give good reviews on it. That’s why I will tell you about it.

Etsy is a website where they sell handmade things. So, if you are good at preparing anything handmade stuff like cloth, jewelry, painting then you can give ads on their sites. When a buyer will buy it, after that you get the money.

They also give you a trial opportunity. It is very good and even you can open your own marketplace here.

5. Handyman service: Download the handyman app. If you have skills in this field then register here. People search Handyman for fixing the security of home,  packing brittle stuff.

6. Party Moscot: party mascot is a job where you have to wear a cartoon dress or funny dress and do fun with the kids at the party, play with them, entertain them.

Basically, it gives $80 for an hour. However, before starting this you should practice that – how to manage heavy cartoon dress.  At first, your income will be around $80 for a day. But when people will know about you and hire you then making  $400 will be simple for you.

7. Party Organization: At present, it is a very famous job. However, I am not talking about big parties. You can easily make $500 for one party. But firstly, you need some skills before starting work. You may start your work from kid parties.

8.Proofreading: Proofreading gives a minimum of $50 /hour work. Simply, Proofreading means to correct grammar, spelling mistakes. Basically, clients give you books, tax papers for collecting mistakes. Proofreading jobs are not much difficult and you can get the jobs easily in the many sites like 

9.Paid Friendship: It sounds odd but you can earn money by friendship. For example, lonely people want to tell their thoughts with you or, travelers want a guide from who will guide them in the city where you live. So, it’s not like illegal talking. And, you should mention it clearly to your paid friend.

In Conclusion 

Thes sites and ways will work out. Mind it patience and hardwork is very much important in all work. These works are not difficult but that’s not mean you shouldn’t 

more care about it. If you can do a good job then you can earn more than $5000/per month.



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