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Do Micro Jobs and Earn $500 per month

Do Micro Jobs and Earn $500 per month:

Micro jobs are chosen for part-time and extra money. It doesn’t take much time to do. So, anyone can select these jobs for earning extra income. Many also call it “Crowdsourcing job”

Specially, US, UK or big multinational companies hire people for macro jobs. You can do it from your home.

There are many micro jobs that very few people know about. And that’s why you can get jobs easily then other sectors.

Here I will describe the introduction, name of jobs, and job marketplace. If you read the article well, you will know a lot about this job. Who knows you may make a lot of money from one of the jobs.

Introduction of Micro Jobs

What is a micro job? Well, if you want a specific denomination on it then it has no denomination.  In the micro job, clients will give you some tasks (it will be simple) and you have to complete it. Mind it they will give you a fixed time and money. Online and Offline are the two categories of this job.

  • Online: Usually,  you get clients from foriegn countries.  They will communicate  with you by email or social media, registration account.
  • Offline: Offline jobs mainly you get near from your home by newspaper, friends.

You may not expertise in everything but it is not possible that you do not have any ability. You just have to work according to your client’s demand. Online has the biggest market in this section. On the other hand, offline micro-jobs are not that much popular. But if you get one and can satisfy your client with your work then you can be their permanent micro job employee. However, you will not get a million dollars but I assure you that you can make a big amount of money.

Best Micro Jobs  

1.The tester of Games: Now, Game making companies make a lot of money in selling a good game. But before launching the game they always hire people who will play and give them reviews about the game. By that, they can fix their mistakes. 

2.Review Writing: You will be surprised to know that by writing reviews you can make money. App, various product companies give you their products and you have to write positive or negative and mistakes about their products.

3. proofreading : Spelling, grammar checks are the main work of proofreading. It has a huge demand in the market.

4. Check image and content: Many businesses,  e-commerce sites will give you a task for checking their websites. They hire some people for a  time before posting something new on their websites basically.  So that workers have to check the content, images are appearing properly or not.

5. Emails check: It is not possible for a busy man to check 100 mails everyday. So, they fix people who will check mails and inform clients about important mails only.

6. Errands: In many countries, it is a very popular business. Simply your client will give you an order to buy a thing for him. You will buy it and give him it. After that client will pay you with your delivery charge.

7.Online search : Search on some fix or particular websites and give the information or ranking to your client according to his demand. 

8.Pack and Labeling: Pack packets,parcels and label them properly. Offline, you can get this job in shops mainly. 

9.Moderation: “Moderation ” is a very popular job in social media. You have to maintain a page or account and give comments, SMS, etc.

Popular Job sites 

1. Amazon mTurk: Amazon offers micro jobs also in Amazon Mechanical Tunk. You can easily get product, app review jobs here.

2. Task Rabbit: Task Rabbit offers micro jobs also. You can get jobs near your home. You have to register for membership. Mainly, delivering, cleaning works you will find here.

3.SkyWord: This is another site where you have to do registration for membership. You may be good at writing, video or audio making, capturing pictures.

You can Upload your work here and if anybody will buy it then you will get the money.

4.Figures Eight: ‘crowd flower’ is now figure Eight. Moderation of social media, do comment, post on Tweets are the works. Registration is mandatory.

5. “Gigwalk” and “IDictate“: Gigwalk is an interesting micro job site. For example, there may be a work to go to a place and write reviews or check numbers of people.

And ‘iDicate” gives you many kind of audio and you have to listen it and do transcribe.

Both registration is mandatory.

6. The Smart Crowd: Another amazing website where you can get review jobs and others also.

7. Fiverr : Fiverr is very much famous in this sector. And they offer good money also.

8. Microworker: This is the best place for microwork. They provide several jobs every day. So it is easy to find your right one. Their most amazing thing is their homepage.  It is good. so, you should try here once.

Apart all these there have many other websites like Ingram, User testing and many more.

In Conclusion 

If you want to work in a micro job market then you should be conscious. Maybe one market is not perfect for you. But that’s not mean you will not do it. Try it and keep patience. If you can work well then your pocket will be full of money.



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