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Earn up to $50/day as college students

Earn up to $50/day as college students:

Every college student needs pocket money. Some students get the money from home but that’s not enough and some do not get money. So, in this situation, many students work part-time.

College students mainly spend their money on food, roaming, learning something new, or traveling. These are not costly but a college student gets that much money to spend on this. So, that’s why more than 70 percent of students prefer to work for pocket expenses.  And, recently many jobs we find that are just for college students or part-timers. So, if you are a college student and want to earn some money to do a part-time job then this article is for you.

Top Jobs for students 

There are some works that you can do from your home. And some places hire part-timers and they prefer to give the work to college students. Don’t worry about your study and important work. Because these works just take 5 to 7 hours to finish.  Now let’s see what the jobs are.

1. Chegg: You can rent your books for some days to anyone. This is a simple way to earn money. And do it in Chegg. Do registration on the site. You can make notes or give tuition to your students. Like this, your study will be strong on subjects. And you will get pretty much money also.

2. Blogging: You may know the word “Blogging”. Currently, a lot of people are doing this work on many subjects. You may choose your own study subject and write about the subject.

You must need good writing capability and good language skills. Make a search in the internet and find out how to open a blog. After that start your work.

3. STEP : STEP means students temporal employment program. It is for college students. They offer internship in many companies for college students.

This is a very good idea. It is in America. They give you a chance to do the internship around your area.  By doing an internship in companies,  you can get a handsome salary. And it is part-time also. Even some companies give you benefits like a full-time employer. But this is just for some time. Even they will train you. These all the scopes are from the government. So, it is a good chance for your career.

4. Warehouse: A warehouse worker does the packing, labeling on the packet. Many companies hire people who just do these jobs only. Like Amazon, they hire thousands of people as warehouse workers. They paid around $20/ per hour work. So, if you work 5 hours then you can easily earn $100 a day. Basically, it is a 24 hours work. So, the schedules divide into 4 or 5. So, you can work thereafter your study. 

HVH is a site where you can find this  job . It is all over in the USA. So, Even, you can find work near your home.

5.UPS: United Parcel Service aka UPS has the biggest ‘earn and learn’ program. They give you work and education too. Maybe you do not have much money to study. So, they give you $25,000 for your education.  In return, you have to work there as a part-timer. The work may package handle or other. This program is very much popular.  So, why are you waiting? Just sign in the site and grab the chance.

6. Party and game host: Every college student class party, birthday party,  teacher-parents meeting party, or it also. You do not need any budget also. And on the other hand, you will get a good profit from it. You should start work as a part-timer.

On the other hand, Party DJ is also exoteric job. You need just 5 to 6 hours to do it. And you can make a lot from this job.

About game hosting, you just have to teach people how to play the games. You can do it from your home. You may do it by phone or social media about the game policy or system.

Many game companies hire students who will play games first and give them a review and tell them about their mistakes.  After that, these students advertise or share feelings about the game to the students.  It is amazing to work I must say.

7. Lockheed Martin: Lockheed Martin provides job offers with many benefits like health, loans to college students.  Even a large number of students work there. You can try it.

8. Care Center: Care.Com hires college students for caring for kids and elder people for a particular time. Go to the site and do the registration.  There will be a lot of tasks. Even you can give your own profile and which sector you feel comfortable.  They will notify you of why they find the job as per your schedule.

9. Postmates: One of the largest delivery agencies in Us. They deliver everything like food, gift, flowers, and many more. You need a bike or care to deliver them. But if you have not from both of them then you can walk to deliver products. Registration is mandatory. 

In Fine

A college student can easily earn extra pocket money. Even other people for example housewives retired people also work. So, select the best job according to your skill and fulfill your habits.



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