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How Work from Home Jobs Paying Me $5000+ per Month?

Almost 12 years back, I started working from home when my daughter Tisha was born. There was a lot of struggle in the beginning as I had to balance a work-family life.

But after working consistently for 18 months, I crossed $1000 income in a month.

I have worked on various work from home jobs for the last three years and earned more than $5000 every month. It’s approximately Rs.375,000/- here in India.

Though there is excellent work at home opportunities available today in 2022, I will not cover all.

I have shortlisted 20 high-paying options that are best suitable everyone.

4 Best Work from Home Jobs

I tried most work from home options from the list and made a good income. I can explain them very well because I have a better idea about these businesses.

But even for other opportunities, I have done my research and interviewed people doing their best in their businesses.

1. Blogging

I am running a few blogs, including two microsites, and one of them is SureJob. I make $3000+ per month in profit through blogging (excluding this SureJob).


Blogging is exciting and lucrative when you are used to it. Initially, it was boring because neither I was getting any results, nor was I getting any motivation to create regular content.

Then I tried to change the niche to something I was passionate about.

Though it was a niche with a limited scope of content, I started it.

I had thought I wouldn’t be able to write more than 20 articles in this niche, but as my interest arose, I was doing more and more research, and I have covered more than 140 articles in that blog.

And today, this microniche blog is giving me an excellent income every month.

So what the hell is this blogging?

I am sure most of you have already heard it or know about it.

Blogging is a way of sharing your ideas, passion, interest, experience & knowledge with the world through a website, or you can say a blog.

So basically, you have to create a website and write on this regularly.

Here are three steps if you want to start blogging-

  1. Choose a niche near to your heart (cooking, fashion, finance, sports, health, wealth, etc.)
  2. Start a blog in next 30 minutes (It’s very simple – check here)
  3. Write 2 articles a week on your blog.

Soon, you will receive traffic to your blog through search engines like Google, social platforms, and other sites. Then you can monetize this traffic using different methods explained here.)

2. Take Online Surveys from Home

survey jobs from home

Online surveys are becoming a popular source of extra income. You can easily make $300 every month by spending 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.

There are many websites where you can signup as a member and take surveys for money. These sites send you regular online surveys whenever available with them.

Usually, members in India receive fewer surveys than Western countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

And even the surveys that you receive pay less than other countries. But because of the high exchange rates, you will make sufficient earnings.

If you want to learn more about online surveys and the best sites that pay you to take surveys from home, you can check the link below.

3. Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs from home are simple, whether it’s online or offline. You have to type the pages as per the instructions provided by the companies you are working with.

You need to submit the completed work before the deadline set by the company.

There are many companies that need data entry workers. You can find ads for these companies on various job portals and classified websites.

You can apply to these companies to get data entry jobs. Try to avoid the companies that ask for the registration fee.

You can check my post – 6 best ways to get data entry jobs.

You need a typing speed of 40 WPM to work as a data entry worker. That’s why I never tried any data entry jobs because my typing speed is not good.

But I know a few people who make Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 per month from these jobs.

I have done tons of studies on finding legit data entry jobs and even inquired many people for their feedback on various types of online and offline data entry jobs.

Based on this investigation, I have curated a list of the best data entry jobs here. You can earn a respectable amount of cash if you work with a few jobs there.

4. Work from Home Writer

work at home writer

In 2016, I worked as a content writer for various clients and earned $1000+ every month. But later on, I started writing for my blog and made lots of money.

There are various ways to make money as a writer, and one of the best ways is by writing articles for blogs and websites.

Content writers for blogs and websites are in demand, and you can easily find content writing jobs on top job portals and various freelance platforms.

Content writers with one year of experience earn between $5 to $10 for writing 1000 words articles, but you can expect a little less than $5 for 1000 words of content for beginners.

If you want to become a writer but don’t have much experience, I recommend you join some course on content writing. You can improve your writing skills after completing a good course.

Other than blog writing, other writing jobs are available like proofreading, academic writing, copywriting, etc.

With some experience, you can write at least 3000 to 4000 words a day, and depending on your charges, you can make a decent amount with this job. Work from Home Jobs



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