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InfiniteTEC Portable Facial Tightening Device Hydrating Skin Care Machine Device to Lift Anti Aging

InfiniteTEC Portable Facial Tightening Device Hydrating Skin Care Machine Device to Lift Anti Aging. Style your hair 2x smoother 2x quick and up to 91 lesser breakage * using the excess power of steam technology and absorbed comb. These solitary features boost the performance of the heating plates to smoothly slide through hair without tugging or dragging, helping to degrade split ends for a shiny, healthy-looking finishing. Suitable for all hair types giving long-lasting hairstyles, from straight to crimpy. extraordinary integrated steam and comb technology delivers
Without steam and comb, the steam pod looks like (heating plates only)
After 15 usages with steam and integrated comb vs Steampod heating plates alone.
First time applying SteamPod? make your salon-good looks on all hair varieties in just some time.
Started with just five simple steps:

Step 1: take off the water tank from SteamPod and load it with water.
Step 2: Re-attached the water tank to SteamPod.
Step 3: Turn the switch on. select temperature depending on hair variety.
Step 4: hold thin portions of the hair.
Step 5: Clamp each section in between the SteamPod plates, and run through hair steady. Assure arrows on SteamPod point moving down.

Always, you would prefer to straighten your hair with a steam pod with 2 times smoother results when running steam and integrated comb. If you want better-expected results, you should glide SteamPod moving down steady and straighten your hair by sections the thinner the portion, to more exact the result. Take each short strand and slowly move the straightener from the base to the tip, making sure that the arrows of the device point downwards to get the best results.
spread swells with SteamPod is simple thanks to the rotative cable. every time section pre-comb your hair. For natural swells, set a thin beachfront in the middle of the plates and wrap it around the device. similarly rotate the device while sluggishly gliding down, make sure the arrows on the device are pointing down to get optimal results. Let the swells cool off for numerous twinkles before either shaking or brushing them for a veritably natural-looking result.
0.8 g/ min slow brume distribution.
Continuous brume flux for verily results.
High resistance, anodized coating.

Predetangles the hair while styling. Holds the hair in place for easy signalling. Removable.
independency to style a full head of hair (up to 600ft!) without hassle to refill the water tank.
Use distilled water, which can be hot or cold.
3 heat setting options from 350 ° to 410 °, checked up to 2x/ sec for indeed use
. Extra-long cable, hassle-free swells.

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