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Start A Small Business With A Flower Shop

 Opening a flower shop is a good business opportunity since it is a company that never goes out of style and there will always be a good opportunity to give a flower arrangement. To start this type of business requires a little budget and a minimum of personnel. Below, we suggest what steps to follow to install a florist.

Research The Market

The first step is to develop a Market Study to evaluate the competition. Who is your current competition? What is your target market? Ask and get information.

Once you have done so, take note of the types of services, prices, and quality of customer service offered by the competition. Analyze what their weak points are and think about how you can improve the service you are going to offer. And how are you going to differentiate yourself?

Business Plan

This is the most important point. It should include your future goals, the deadline to achieve them, and a budget. If you develop and fulfill the plan throughout the process, you will achieve a successful business. In addition, to differentiate yourself from the competition you must give added value to the service. You can offer home delivery.

What Is Needed?

• Investigate the legal conditions that you must meet to open a flower shop (municipal requirements) and if the place you chose has no municipal problems.

• Prepare a budget and make sure you have enough funds to cover everything you need, including money for renting the premises, supplies, and salaries of the staff in charge.

• Have an area for making flower arrangements.

• For implements you will need a table, a counter, a display, a refrigerator to keep flowers fresh and accessories such as scissors, stuffed animals, bows, balloons, cards, colored pencils, and papers. Remember that presentation is very important to achieve sales.

•One way to help customers choose better is to provide them with a catalog, so make a list of your products based on prices, sizes, and shapes.

• As an addition to simple, spontaneous gifts, create special displays with arrangements for birthdays, engagements, graduations, and holidays.


Staff: Determine the staff you will need to help you with the various options you will provide.

Suppliers: Find the best suppliers to offer you a good product at an affordable price.


• Use social media to reach more people and create a community of followers.

• Distribute brochures near where you will be located.

• Make promotions to win customers.
• Create a web page with the products.

You already know, it is a business that does not have loses because it will always have clients.



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