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Small Business Bicycle Shop

Transport bicycles have increased in recent years. This thanks to the fact that it is ecological, healthy transport and that has become popular among young people who are part of the so-called millennial generation.

In reality, there are many positive reasons why it is a good idea to use and promote bicycle transportation. In fact, the world has taken it upon themselves to make bicycles a key element of their culture, making it quite an experience to be able to travel their streets in this form of transport.

Ideas To Start Business Related To Bicycles

Ecological Bicycles: 

Although it is true that bicycles in themselves are an ecological means of transport, there are entrepreneurs who are exploring options to manufacture them with recycled material.

Bicycle Rental: 

More and more tourists prefer to explore their destinations using bicycles, making it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who dare to install bicycle rental points in strategic places in their city.

Bicycle rental and rental app: 

This idea is to create an application or platform where people put their bicycles for rent. This guarantees a variety of models, brands, and prices that adapt to everyone’s pocket and needs. Each bike has an integrated GPS system and is rented by the hour. This application is intended for those who are passing through a certain city and need a bicycle to transport themselves. 

Helmets And Accessories For Sale: 

People who have adopted bicycles as their means of transport usually invest in them by buying lights, alarms, security, protection elements, and different accessories that allow them to personalize them or improve their experience when using them. The idea is to set up a store where you offer these products and accessories. You can also set up an eCommerce business aimed at cyclists.

Customized Bikes: 

Some riders are not satisfied with the market offer and want to be able to customize their bike as much as possible, therefore, it turns out to be an interesting opportunity to build a personalization business model (as Dell does in the computer market ), allowing customers to choose different elements regarding the design of the bicycle to their liking.

Manufacture Of Bicycles For Corporate Clients: 

More and more companies are promoting the use of ecological transport among their staff, so there is a great opportunity to offer personalized corporate bicycles that companies can deliver to their collaborators.

Bicycles For People With Physical Disabilities: 

There are millions of people who cannot use common bicycles for various reasons related to some physical limitations. The possibilities are many: bicycles for pedaling with your hands, bicycles with sensors for people who cannot see, bicycles for people with motor difficulties, etc. It is an idea that requires research and a lot of engineering work, but it can be a great social undertaking that positively impacts the lives of many people.

Bicycle Repair Shop: 

You can also consider offering bicycle maintenance and repair services, as there will always be people in need of this type of service. Remember that in this business it is key to build trust and meet your customer commitments on time.

Organize Events For Groups Of Cyclists: 

Cyclists often create their own communities to integrate, share, and ride together. Through these communities, you can organize thematic integration events to strengthen the culture around bicycles.

Bicycle Competitions: 

This idea consists of organizing bicycle competitions in different categories: speed, endurance, creativity, teamwork, etc. In addition to charging for registration, you can also generate income through sponsors.

Advertising Bicycles: 

Have you seen those advertising cars that go down the streets doing speakerphone? This idea is similar, but with bicycles. The companies would sponsor you for going through the streets promoting their brand or their events. 



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