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10 Effective Closing Sales Techniques for Your Business Consumers

In theory, the closing technique does look easy to do. But in practice, sales are a little more complicated than that.

According to statistics, 90 percent of sales reports give up on their customers after being rejected as many as 4x. Conversely, 80 percent of consumers will change their minds when offer 4x. 

So, the majority of people tend to change their mind when they have been offered 4x as many as sales. But at the same time, almost all sales have never made such an offer to consumers. 

What is clear is that the majority of lead will not be closing the first offer sales you. Therefore, your business must know that there are some effective closing techniques and proven effective to apply to your sales. 

1. Assuming the Customer

This technique does indeed seem too “confident” because you assume or assume that your customer will buy your product by asking subtle but sure questions. By having confidence, of course, this technique can succeed up to the closing stage. 


 “Hello Sis, the design is ready; do you plan to transfer today or tomorrow?”

2. Now or Never

This technique can make your customers spontaneously make their choices. Although this seems rather forceful, this method has proven successful.


“Hello, Sis, for products like this one already offered it, worried about running out, it’s better to buy now”.

3. Exclusive or Special

All things “special” are of course fun, this technique teaches you to be able to show your customers that they are special people if you have a product that you sell. 


“This product is limited, there are only 5 in Indonesia, so if you buy it today we will give a handbag for free.

4. Advantages

Short, dense, and clear. Maybe the term is right with this closing technique. You only need to show 3-5 benefits gained by the customer. Not only is that as much as possible the benefits you mentioned not owned by your competitors. This will also be a plus to be more convincing to your customers. 


“If you wear this, your face will look brighter, glowing, and youthful.”

5. Compare

Who is not interested in lower prices? Everyone must like something that is cheap but of high quality. One closing technique that you can try is to compare prices, especially with other competitors. 


“If product A is of good quality but the price is quite expensive, well if you use our product the quality is comparable to product A but the price is much more affordable”.

6. Price crossed out

This technique is not much different from the comparison technique, only it looks simpler. You only need to list the price that you are currently offering, and then cross off the previous price. That way, you give the impression that the price you offer is much cheaper, especially if you sell the product all in one. Of course, many people will be interested in.


“Economical package at a critical price. Get it now with the normal price of ̶7̶5̶0̶.0̶0̶0̶ to 499,000. “

7. If … then

Make your customers regret this technique. You only need to reveal the loss that your customer will get if you don’t buy your product.


“If you don’t buy it now, tomorrow you will have to prepare more money to buy this product.”

8. Praise

Who does not like to be praised? Surely everyone likes, this technique does seem “lick”, but you must try it and with this technique, you have the potential to immediately close.


“You look beautiful in your clothes.”

9. Testimonials

Providing evidence or the results of testimonials from users of your product will be a strong reason to convince customers. Moreover, added experience from the users of your previous products has similarities with your current customers. Of course, it is an added value to more, more, and more to convince your customers. 


“Yesterday there was a customer who ordered the same product, at first the customer was hesitant, but after we told the benefits and advantages of using this product, the customer finally bought our product, and just this afternoon, the customer ordered the same product because he was satisfied”.

10. Empathy

Do not know, then do not love. Maybe the term fits with this one technique. If you show your empathy to customers, then they will feel you can understand and understand them. You can also build closeness with your customers using this technique.


“I used to be like this too sis, feeling insecure has a fat body, but after I tried this product, I lost 5kg in a week, and now I don’t insecure anymore”

One other thing you can do to support effective closing techniques is to use Journal accounting software. Why is that?

Journals can help u to manage customer databases. So that communication can be more personal.

In addition, the Journal also records the blacklisted customer records so that sales are no longer misdirected an overview of the potential for closure that is common and serves as a direction for your business sales.



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