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Best Way to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job”

Why Do You Want This Job:

One of the many types of questions an interviewer can ask you when you go to give an interview is why you want this job or why you are interested in this job.  An interviewer may ask you questions in a variety of ways

However, even if these questions are asked in different ways, the purpose of the questions remains the same, you want to find out what are your motives for applying for a vacant position in an interview.

Why Do You Want This Job

What does an interviewer want to know about the purpose of your job?  Let’s learn a little about them.

The first thing that comes to the mind of the interviewer is that they have a very limited time to determine if you are qualified for the job.  Therefore they will ask appropriate questions during that time and try to evaluate your abilities, tendencies, and other parameters for that job.

When interviewers ask” why you want to do this job”

there are secret reasons like dissatisfaction with past or present work,

expectation of high salary,

travel facilities,


bad treatment of senior officers and colleagues or lack of skills in the job you have done.

Interviewers are trying to check if you are there to verify how much a company will pay.

Because thousands of people have an incomplete habit of offering lottery as a bargaining chip to deceive their current employer.  And no reputable company or job field allows its offer letters to be bargained or short.

Now that we know the main motives behind this question, ”why you want to do this job”. it is essential to have a good idea of interviewer.

Ways to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”

The most important thing when answering this question is that there are no rules or pre-planned answers to what you can offer.

This means that you need to create an answer that meets your needs and resolves any doubts about your intentions of the interviewer and he gets the right answers to his questions himself.

So you can follow these simple ways to answer the question.

Leverage Your Service Record

It will be the first weapon you can set up to be effective. But your service record benefits mean you have a long-term need with each employer.  If you’re a proverbial job hamper, there’s a chance that you won’t get the post that way.

However, if you have been serving an organization for a respectable period, say five years or more and have an impeccable track record, why not use it to respond to an interest in this job?

Merit Over Seniority

The reason for talking about leaving the current employer is because the natural explanation is that most employees who work with the government and the organization increase their workspace by five years.

Meaning they no longer have future opportunities such as merit-based promotion and salary increase promotion only they will be promoted on the basis of age and increase the rent.

When you earn your own service record and answer why you want to do this job, you are sending a clear signal that you believe in your own skills and abilities.

It shows that you are not only reluctant to accept promotions and salary increases because of your age but you also value merit for more than several years.  You will use the service record to make a great impression on your visitors so that they understand what you mean.  You are expressing a lot of confidence in your qualifications and skills and the interviewer is willing to try to move towards you. This employer will benefit from you so use an accurate meaningful service record to answer this question.

Money Matters

And yes, money means money.  If you quit your job perfectly for a higher salary, say so clearly and without hesitation.  I will explain it some more.  If you do not have much experience in the field, any employer will offer you a big one first.

It is entirely up to you whether you accept or negotiate.  However, if your experience and skills seem important to the employer, you are likely to increase your own salary.  If you are promising money or changing jobs, say so clearly. Nowadays, many companies check the employee’s background very well before making an offer.

Therefore, if you lie about the salary you currently receive, it will very easily catch you by the employer.

Other companies ask you to submit your latest payslip to check how much you are getting paid. You can avoid this situation by making it clear that you want to hire because it will offer higher pay.

 Lastly you are working for money and not for charity work there.  So such an answer is prudent and above all acceptable.

Poor Working Conditions

If you are a victim of a truly weak work situation, tell us very clearly why you would like to join our organization.  However, do not blame your employer, seniors, or colleagues.

Rather just say why you can’t adapt yourself to the work situation.  Avoid criticizing someone because it will reflect very badly on you.  An interviewer will treat you sympathetically when you provide true reasons for leaving an organization.

Will try to share empathy with you in an interview.  However, this can only happen when you want to use them better than you need to.  There are many more reasons why poor work situations are not usually the only reason to want to work elsewhere.

However, when you point out poor work conditions, an interviewer can check to see if there are any flaws.

And they may ask questions that may force you to disclose to your current employer-specific business confidentiality or operating procedures.  Make sure you move away from these questions.

Relocation for Work Can be a Reason for “Why do you want this job”

If you move the reason for looking for a new job to a house near your hometown, the answer becomes really easy.  Just explain the real reason.

Talk to your family about how the company will benefit and how much help you will get from being in a familiar place.  If you have expert level fluency then you should express your knowledge about the language for this purpose and in that place.  However, an interviewer may try to empty your process.

They are interested to know why you came to another city first.  The answer is not so difficult.  You can simply answer that you have found the right place to start your career or move on.

 Another question that may arise in the hope that you want to join our company. This time the answer can be given. When you talk about relocation, there is a salary and cost.  And the salary that any company pays elsewhere may be less than you currently pay.

If such a situation arises, the verdict is entirely in your court.  You can ask the company to provide favorable terms that will help you move.  Again, talk about how changing your location benefits the employer the more it helps you.

Wrap Up

You see the question of why you want this job is not so difficult to answer. As long as you are telling the truth and not cheating on any truth.  The above methods will enable you to answer this question with ease and full confidence




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